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Travel with a suitcase of various entertainments!

Our story was begun since…

Definitely, all of us have experienced those days which gather together with our friends and sink in our dreams and start to talk about them with all our passion. Let's throwback to one of those moments, when we were working with each other as a team in the hardware, software, and robotic field for 4 years and suddenly faced with an important challenge which has led to a wonderful decision! We decided to do something in order to have a positive effect on people’s lives. So, we’ve started to search for a solution to solve those problems, and finally, Chamedoon was created! What was the matter? We weren't able to watch entertaining media in the way of the trip, especially on intercity transportation, without internet access. Suddenly, I wondered “it would be amazing if we were able to connect a wireless external hard full of entertaining media and content.” And students who live in college dorms would be very interested to use this service! All of these ideas were shaped in Sharif University dorm located in Tarasht. And now, Chamedoon… Chamedoon is a service provider which allows users to enjoy entertaining media without Internet access or other limitation. And has started working in 1398. Chamedoon Box, our first product has been created to help users enjoy vast variety f media without internet access. One Chamedoon Box is installed in a vehicle or every place where some people gather together for a specific goal and provide service as a hub of media and content and users can connect to its Wifi network via all smart devices which are able to connect to wireless networks.

Our Team

Amir Souri

Network Expert

Mohammad Reza Riyahi

Founder & CEO

Mohammad Mahdi Jafari

UI&UX Designer

Hamid Reza Shajaravi

Mobile Developer

Soroush Abdollahi

BackEnd Developer

Noorin Jafari


Reza Pazan

Web Developer

Shervin Mihankhah

BackEnd Developer

Mehrnoosh Akvan

Content & Graphic

Javad Rahmani

Hardware Designer