A suitcase full of various entertainments!

Watch Movie

A large collection of Iranian and global movies

Listen to music

Various, high-quality music collection for all musical taste

Play game with your friends

Collection of single-player game and group game

Various collection of content for children

Without being worry about inappropriate content

Don't worry about internet access when you are on a trip!

Simply connect to Chamedoon Wifi in every vehicle and enjoy your favorite media

If transportation companies use Chamedoon

Expense reduction in providing devices!

Cause one Chamedoon box is enough for each vehicle!

A place to provide their services

Like selling ticket ,in-trip services,… Chamedoon could be their online shop!

They can manage their own media and content!

Chamedoon updates automatically and they shouldn't be worried about content updates!

After all, customers are more satisfied and the service quality level becomes higher!

Cause Chamedoon is there!

Our team

Amir Souri

Network Expert

Mohammad Reza Riyahi

Founder & CEO

Mohammad Mahdi Jafari

UI&UX Designer

Hamid Reza Shajaravi

Mobile Developer

Soroush Abdollahi

BackEnd Developer

Noorin Jafari


Reza Pazan

Web Developer

Shervin Mihankhah

BackEnd Developer

Mehrnoosh Akvan

Content & Graphic

Javad Rahmani

Hardware Designer

A suitcase full of movies and musics

Traveling around the world with a suitcase full of various entertainments!

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